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Application for Morristown, TN, Workshop
Morristown Workshop
Painting People in Watercolor
The Language of Watercolor
weekly watercolor or oil painting classes
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Watercolor Workshop with Bobbie Crews

The Language of Watercolor
A workshop designed to push you beyond your current expertise.

Watercolor has a language of its own, allowing the freedom to use color, line
and washes to stay loose and close to the energy of your subject, whether it is
abstract, representational or somewhere in-between. The freshness of allowing
watercolor to be watercolor can open a whole new world to the painter. This
workshop is very much about experimentation.

1. Demonstration and discussion on the properties of watercolor.
2. Discussion of ideas, energy and motion, composition, values, hard and soft edges.
3. Learning to allow your watercolors to be true to the character of the medium.
4. Letting the colors mix themselves on your paper and working in layers.
5. Learning the importance of the white of the paper and the magic that it imparts.
6. Personal guidance and problem solving with technique and process in mind.

Paintings to Take Home
Techniques practiced
New Ideas and Ways to Look at Things
New Experiences

Saturday Jan 23rd …….10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday Jan 24th ………1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

For more information call Bobbie @ 865-591-0831
Or email @

Cost per person: $100